About Summer Prism

Summer Prism was created to bring exclusive and premium design dresses to add more colours into your wardrobe. A little bit of colour in our lives can do wonders; start a conversation, set the uplifting mood for the work week, and more.

We want the right choice to be easy and affordable. It’s why we partner with the best, finest materials and designs and provide them at costs that are sure to honor your budget and your unique sense of style.


Fashion is completely transparent. It’s fun, it’s innovative and it never ceases – it just evolves.  Previously popular fashions are still being worn by women across the country who either “trailblaze” with a timeless look or evolve the style into modern-day wear. New fashions are being designed every day and rely on trendsetters lie you to rock them in an expressive and authentic manner. With so many different fashion styles, you are sure to find something from classy to casual on our site.

What speaks to you? Are you a woman who would prefer a simple white dress and a pair of heels with a coordinating and trendy purse, making a modern and uncluttered look with an extra touch of subtle elegance?  Or perhaps you would rather opt for a more exotic aesthetic, wearing something few people have seen before. Our collection of bold, mysterious, and eye-catching pieces are sure to boast vibrant colors and fascinating prints that can be seen – and remembered - from a mile away.

When shopping for dresses, refinement and glamour is key. But these elements are more of a feeling than a look. How you feel is how you present yourself overall and a smile is ultimately the best accessory any woman can wear. That said, our dresses are hand-selected to make the fashionista in you smile big and embrace all that makes you the woman you are. 

The founders of Summer Prism feel that dressing up should always remain fun and one should never stop trying out different styles. We at Summer Prism are committed to serving as a one-stop platform for the fashionista in you. Be bold, dress up and have fun! To do this, we have added features to our website that cater to your unique needs. You can select your sizing (ranging from XS to XL) and even preferred price point from the menus on the left.  We also have dedicated an entire area to New Arrivals so that you are getting access to the latest designs that are sure to invite new color and patters into your wardrobe.  

As a small online retailer in Singapore, Summer Prism is enabled to offer worldwide shipping plus seamless customer service. We are dedicated to making premium luxury fashion accessible to hundreds of locations worldwide – including your closet! We deliver the same quality or even better than big name brands at very affordable prices to women around the world.

To keep up with the latest drops and all things Summer Prism, follow us on Facebook and Instagram! We’d love to hear your feedback and to see your snapshots in the pieces you select for your style! Stop by and tag us for a possible shout-out!

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